What does Press Kit 24/7 do?

Put simply, Online PressKit 24/7 produces results! If you're looking for media coverage, a press kit is absolutely essential. If you'd like the media to find you, your press kit must be online. Here's what Online PressKit 24/7 does for you:

  • Links instead of attachments. Let's face it, most members of the media hate attachments. They won't open them from unknown sources, they don't get them because of firewalls, and they can't find them again when they need them.
  • Gets the media's attention. Ever try to get a job without a resume? Fine, if you're applying for a fast food job. But if you're going after a top position, you need to be prepared. A press kit is the 'professional face' you put forth to the media. An online press kit takes your level of professionalism up a notch.
  • Keeps you organized. With so many files and photos, it's easy to lose track. Where's that high resolution logo file? Which photo file is your most recent head shot? With Online PressKit 24/7, it's easy to stay neat and organized and the media loves that.
  • Works for you around the clock. So when the media needs something from you at midnight, have no worries. Sleep tight. Online PressKit 24/7 has got you covered.

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online public relationsSince signing up for Online PressKit 24/7, traffic to my website has skyrocketed. As a result I got a call from Voice America inviting me to launch my own media savvy radio show! I'm sure I got this call because of the caliber of my online press kit. Thanks PressKit 24/7! pr tools

-Nancy Juetten, PR and Marketing expert, Main Street Media Savvy

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