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The PR Campaign Cookbook

The Wasabi PR Campaign Cookbook: Your workbook to spice up your publicity results. Wasabi Publicity, Inc. was recognized by PR Week and Good Morning America for their growth and innovative business practices. Now, learn the coveted trade secrets they used to place clients on major media, like FOX & Friends.

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Cook up some great PR. Take action today:

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2) Second, create an online press kit. Don't have one? 

Schedule a demo in the left sidebar. Leading publicists are using this Website's Press Kit 24/7 for their press kits, image galleries, customized media lists and contact database management. 

3) Third, customize your PR with this cookbook workbook 

Through powerfully simple exercises, the workbook gives you the essential tools to put together an unmatchable communications package.

"Our geographically-dispersed team still uses the workbook ... by far one of the best communication investments we've made."

~ Risa Shimoda, Former Executive Director of American Whitewater, a nonprofit conservation group

"Taste" the content from the workbook and teleseminar series. You'll do activities that address: 

  • What PR campaign are you cooking? 
  • The Simple Six Ingredients for perfect PR pitches & campaigns; 
  • Writing to the media; 
  • The differences between media alerts and press releases;   
  • Press kits: hard copy packets and online ingredients for a tasty media meal; 
  • How to measure success; when you know the media's eating what you're cookin';
  • The "Sandwich" pitching method; and more. 

You'll finish your workbook and teleseminar series with a final menu & plan: Who needs to say your message? What is your message? Where do you say your message? When do you say it? Why do you say it? How will you say and deliver it? 

The workbook has activities throughout that help you "test" the power of what you're pitching. It's an effective tool to use again and again on many campaigns. Use it with teams, too!

Don't just read about PR ... cook it. Then serve it up.

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